Saturday, June 6, 2015

Train Pinata

We have a birthday coming up! (Another one!) Selah is turning three! It seems like yesterday I was holding a 30-minute-old baby! Her birthday is going to be train themed because I made a train cake for Rachael and John-Louis' third birthday. After looking through Pinterest, I found a train pinata made with a goldfish box and an oat container. We didn't have a goldfish box, so I used two popcorn boxes. Also, I couldn't see what they used for a base. So I used two more popcorn boxes. 
The back part is where the candy will be. This is where I'll be able to put the candy in:
Cardboard to keep the candy from escaping to the other parts of the pinata:
Then I added the oat container.
I cut wheels from leftover cardboard.
A place for the candy to fall out when the string is pulled:
Rebecca made the funnel. When it was all assembled, I covered it in streamers!
Cut a piece of streamer the length you need it. Fold it in half several times. Cut the folds and the middle about 1/4" apart. Hot glue it on.
Repeat for the whole pinata. For the string, I braided three streamers and glued one end inside one flap on the bottom of the pinata. (The bottom of the pinata was covered with non-fringed streamers.) Then I lightly glued the streamer to the other flap.
All I have to do is find a way to hang it up. Except for that (and the candy), you are done!
Do you have another method you use for making pinatas?

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