Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Selah's Birthday and Train Cake Tutorial

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah! 

We decided to celebrate Teusday, since we had church on Wednesday night and we wanted Daddy to be there.

Instructions for train cake:

Bake a 9x13 cake.
Cut into 9 pieces.
 Cut one of those pieces in half.
 Eat one half.  Haha. ;-)
Cover a large piece of cardboard in foil.
Place the cake pieces on top. For the front of the train, place the half of one piece on another piece of cake. Decorate!
Chocolate Peanut loved putting the candy on the cake. After you are done decorating, all you need is a candle! (optional, of course.)
Earlier that day, we went to the store to buy presents for Selah. Mommy ordered the presents from her and Grandma from Amazon. These presents are from us:
Rebecca made this cute train for Selah out of Legos.
No pictures of us doing the Pinata. :-(

Selah opening presents. Pictures are kind of blurry because it is hard to take pictures while everybody is moving!
And then we sang Happy Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah!

How do you make train cakes? Do you use a mold?

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