Monday, January 2, 2017

An Overview of 2016

January: We got season tickets to Busch Gardens, Rachael turned 6.
February: I got my business cards.
March: Christian turned 12, Nicholas turned 9.
April: I got my DSLR camera!
May: Johnny turned 5, we went on a Father/Daughter Retreat.
June: Selah turned 4, my best friend Yoldy from Haiti came to stay with us for a month.
July: We celebrated 4th of July with some friends.
August: Olivia turned 1!
September: I started to really enjoy photography.
October: We painted parts of out front porch.
November: We filmed "John-Louis for President" and took our Christmas picture.
December: I turned 14, Rebecca turned 11, we had a wonderful Christmas.