Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sewing Room Redo #2

I changed a lot of things in my sewing room since my other post that I posted about painting it. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago, so a few things here and there will be a little different if you walked into my sewing room now.

Here it is if you walk in and look right.
And here, if you look up. My grandma's neighbor gave me a BUNCH of trims, so I'm having fun with that.
Here it is if you look left. You will see the sewing table.
And if you look up.
Directly to the left, I have a set of ten drawers which mostly holds scraps of fabric.
My dad just helped me to install this shelf. One tip for small sewing spaces: If you don't have enough room to put all your stuff, go up!
 Here, I got a glass jar from dollar tree and hot glued burlap ribbon onto it and blue lace. Then I filled it up with sand and put some fake flowers from a shadow box I had that broke.
 In the middle, I have a bin that I spray painted black and tied a satin blue ribbon on it.
 It holds my old business card and some labels with my old logo.
 Jars of thread and buttons.
 This is my $70 sewing machine I had for several years, and yep, it still works.
 It is the LS-2125i.
 This is Rebecca's machine that she got for Christmas a few years ago.
 I think every sewing room should have a pegboard. It is perfect for organizing!
 Some scissors.
 On the left, I have a pincushion that I made. Next to that, I have some chalkboard fabric in a blue picture frame and a To Do list. Then there is my measuring tape.
 I have plastic baskets here. I replaced the yellow one with another white.
 Jewelry making stuff.
 Ribbon scraps.
 Some pieces I cut out for some aprons and also some bobbins.
 My grandma's neighbor also gave me this:
 This wall is directly opposite the sewing machines.
 On the left, I have a folder of sewing patterns, my hat looms on the wall, and some tassels in a box that I spray painted.
Here is my ironing station. I made the ironing board by stapling two layers of batting and fabric to the back.
My grandma on my mom's side gave me this canvas, to I painted it chevron.
A long time ago, my grandma on my dad's side had a piece of furniture that she didn't want, so I took the drawer and painted it chalkboard. Much, much later, I painted it one layer of teal. It adds such a vintage touch to the room! Now to figure out what to put in it...
So far, I have a little baby food jar with ribbon around it and chalk inside.
This is right above the sewing machines. From left to right: A Jo-Ann's bag, picture frames, a sewing machine cover, Rachael's broken sewing machine and two pictures. You can't really see them in this post, so check out my other post about the sewing room to see it.
A little more right, I have a bowl, a box of Sharpies, my serger, and a set of three drawers. They contain elastic, machine manuals, and my Legos (which are mostly candy machines).
My box with white paper inside to take pictures of small products and some storage boxes.
I just keep random nick-nacks in the pink box.
My "work in progress" box.
A closer look at my trims.
And lastly, a look inside the cabinets! (This was originally anging somewhere else in the house, so when my dad took it down, I painted it white.) This holds my fabric.
And this one holds my craft supplies.
And now a panorama of the sewing room!
I love to read other people's posts about their sewing or craft room, so I would love if you commented a link to your blog post!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Camping at Salt Springs for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! We went camping at Salt Springs to celebrate Mother's Day. I took lots of great pictures with my new DSLR camera and 50mm 1.8 lens! (Notice the blurry backgrounds on these pictures-I totally recommend this lens!)
 I love this picture of John-Louis and Rachael.
 I love the point of view in this picture. Experiment with different angles!
 Please comment if you thought of a funny saying for this picture.
 Don't forget to capture the little details!

These pictures are just beautiful! (Especially with Rachael posing!) 
I love how these backlit images turned out!
And we'll finish off the trip with SMORE's!
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world!