Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boys Pacifier Clips

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

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Homemade chicken nuggets is one of my favorite meals!

Cut up your chicken breast and salt it.
Roll it in flour.
Then in eggs.
Then in Panko breadcrumbs. (Not pictured because we didn't have any when we were making these.) Fry in oil!
Now enjoy some delicious chicken nuggets!

What is your favorite recipe for chicken nuggets?

Building a Bathroom and Painting a Room

We just built a bathroom in my parent's room and painted their room ourselves! I've got lots of pictures, so enjoy!
Daddy adding the new wall to separate
the bathroom from the storage room.
The storage room.
The other side of the wall.
Painting the door.
Sanding the door.
The new floor.
The door closed...
...and open.

The floor of the bathroom and storage room.
The baseboard not attached yet.
Some decorations.
And a mirror.
Mommy's new IKEA table.
The new sink.
Oh No! Mommy took my bunk bed ladder!
New blinds.

Now the painting of the room! First, Mommy, Rebecca, and I painted the nursery part, and made a huge mess. Then a few days later, Daddy helped and showed us how to paint a room without the mess.
Here is the before, during, and after:

Have you ever done a huge project like this?

Chalkboard Paint Tutorial

This is a SUPER EASY recipe for chalkboard paint. You just need three ingredients: acrylic paint, plaster of paris, and water. You will also need a bowl to mix it in, a paintbrush, something to mix it with, and a measuring spoon. The following picture shows a straw that I used to mix it, but then I ended up using the spoon.
Add 3 part paint to the bowl.
 Add 2 part plaster of paris.
 Add 1 part water.
 You want to mix it up quick, or the plaster will get hard, giving you lumps!
 Then, Paint!
 You may need 2-3 coats. Here it is!
 ''Season'' it by rubbing chalk all over it, and cleaning it off.
 Write what you want, and you are done!
Do you have any good chalkboard recipes or tips?