Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Ingredient Ice Cream

I made homemade ice cream! Oh, wait...NUTELLA ice cream! With just two ingredients! Well, actually three. But the base is two ingredients. 2 cups of heavy cream and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Beat the heavy cream with an electric mixer until it forms soft peaks. Add the condensed milk. Your base is done! Now all you have to do is add other things for different flavors. A couple teaspoons of vanilla for vanilla ice cream, chocolate for chocolate ice cream, Oreos for cookies'n'cream, peppermint extract, chocolate chunks, and a few drops of food coloring for mint chocolate chip! After your ice cream is all mixed, pour it into a container and freeze it! I learned how to do this through a Youtube video:

Do you have a fast and easy way of making ice cream? What is your favorite flavor?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Selah's Birthday and Train Cake Tutorial

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah! 

We decided to celebrate Teusday, since we had church on Wednesday night and we wanted Daddy to be there.

Instructions for train cake:

Bake a 9x13 cake.
Cut into 9 pieces.
 Cut one of those pieces in half.
 Eat one half.  Haha. ;-)
Cover a large piece of cardboard in foil.
Place the cake pieces on top. For the front of the train, place the half of one piece on another piece of cake. Decorate!
Chocolate Peanut loved putting the candy on the cake. After you are done decorating, all you need is a candle! (optional, of course.)
Earlier that day, we went to the store to buy presents for Selah. Mommy ordered the presents from her and Grandma from Amazon. These presents are from us:
Rebecca made this cute train for Selah out of Legos.
No pictures of us doing the Pinata. :-(

Selah opening presents. Pictures are kind of blurry because it is hard to take pictures while everybody is moving!
And then we sang Happy Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah!

How do you make train cakes? Do you use a mold?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pretty Pocket Purse Tutorial

I needed a purse with lots of pockets. I hate it when everything gets mixed up in my purse and have a hard time looking for stuff (especially Chapstick!). So I decided to make a purse with four pockets, two on the outside and two on the inside to organize everything. Here's the tutorial:

What you need to cut out:

•2-12"x18"-one for the lining and one for the outside.  
•2"x8" and 71/2"x4" for outside pocket  
•2-20"x6" for straps
•10"x7" for large inside pocket
•4 1/2"x7 1/2" for small inside pocket
•interfacing a little smaller than the outside piece
•3" piece of ribbon (optional)
•snaps or Velcro (optional)
The other outside pocket is cut out from jeans, so just don't add a pocket there, or make one any size you want!

First take the lining and outside pieces and iron them in half wrong sides together. 
Then take the 4 1/2"x7 1/2" piece and iron over 1/4" on all four sides. Iron over one long side again and sew in place. Place in the middle of one half of the lining on the right side. 
Sew in place.
If you want you can add a snap like I did. 
Repeat for other inside pocket. (10"x7") I added Velcro to that pocket. 
This is optional, but you can add a 3" ribbon to attach keys and such. Fold it and the lining in half together and tuck it in. (Make sure the lining is folded right sides together.)
Sew down the sides. Box the corners as shown and sew 2" away from the edge. Cut off the corners. 
This is what it should look like.
Take the interfacing and lay it on top of the outside piece. Iron down the short edges. 
Take the interfacing out. Attach the back pocket to one half. 
Sew the two outside pocket pieces right sides together. Hem the edges just like the other pockets. 
Sew to the other half. 
Put the interfacing back on. Fold in half right sides together. Sew the edges. 
We will box these corners a different way because of the interfacing that is in the way. I find it easier this way. Cut a 2"x2" piece from each corner. 
Fold as shown on photo and sew 1/4" away from the edge. 
Turn right sides out. 
Now we will do the straps. Iron one of the 20"x6" pieces in half right sides together. Open it up and iron the two edges to the crease you just made. Iron back in half.  
Sew all around the edges and repeat for the other strap. 
Place the lining in the outside piece and fold in the raw edges of the lining to match the outside. Insert straps and pin. Sew all around the top. 
(Sorry for the blurry picture.)
I was only able to take one picture of this step because the phone battery was 1%! (UPDATE 1/21/16: I got a camera on Nov. 19!)

Guess what? You are done! This purse is fully customizable, so have fun being creative!
Hope you are able to understand this! If you have any questions, please email me at projectsgirl1@gmail.com!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Train Pinata

We have a birthday coming up! (Another one!) Selah is turning three! It seems like yesterday I was holding a 30-minute-old baby! Her birthday is going to be train themed because I made a train cake for Rachael and John-Louis' third birthday. After looking through Pinterest, I found a train pinata made with a goldfish box and an oat container. We didn't have a goldfish box, so I used two popcorn boxes. Also, I couldn't see what they used for a base. So I used two more popcorn boxes. 
The back part is where the candy will be. This is where I'll be able to put the candy in:
Cardboard to keep the candy from escaping to the other parts of the pinata:
Then I added the oat container.
I cut wheels from leftover cardboard.
A place for the candy to fall out when the string is pulled:
Rebecca made the funnel. When it was all assembled, I covered it in streamers!
Cut a piece of streamer the length you need it. Fold it in half several times. Cut the folds and the middle about 1/4" apart. Hot glue it on.
Repeat for the whole pinata. For the string, I braided three streamers and glued one end inside one flap on the bottom of the pinata. (The bottom of the pinata was covered with non-fringed streamers.) Then I lightly glued the streamer to the other flap.
All I have to do is find a way to hang it up. Except for that (and the candy), you are done!
Do you have another method you use for making pinatas?