Saturday, August 27, 2016

Olivia's 1st Birthday

How can Livie be one already? It seems like yesterday when she was born.
 Even though we don't usually invite friends over for birthdays, I still like to decorate :-)
 These are her monthly pictures.
 Rebecca won this game :-) Want to guess in the comments?
 These are made from baby food jars, yarn, buttons, and sand.
 This is my favorite decoration!
 I painted these pink and added bows.
 Brigadeiro Cake!
 I rolled the leftover brigadeiro into balls and I also made some without chocolate.
 I had this for awhile, so I looked at it sitting in my sewing room and thought, "It has buttons! Perfect!"
 Her smash cake.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Our Trip to Virginia

We came back from our week-long trip to Virginia visiting the Kempf family!

We stopped at a gas station and Nicholas decided to wash the car.
 We stopped at a campground in SC, and continued the next day.
 Virginia mountains!
 They had lots of fun playing soccer!
 Best Friends :-)
 On our way to ballet class!
Boys day out.
 Girls day out.
Dinner at the Jack's house.
We took this picture five years ago. My mom was pregnant with Johnny, Mrs. Jack was pregnant with Helen, and Mrs. Kempf was pregnant with Sofia.
 We took another picture with those children in front of their moms.
Building a tennis ball rocket. It worked about 50% of the time.
 Four cute little girls :-)
Jam-berry in Floyd!
 Enjoying some ice cream.
 Mr. Kempf and Sofia dancing to the country music.
 Daisy Grace!
 Quick group picture before leaving the Jam-berry.
 Grilling hot dogs and burgers at a campground.
 There was a creek with tons of river rocks. The kids collected a bunch and "auctioned" them off using small rocks as money.
 Valor! Such a cute little boy! (Although he repeatedly tells me that he is a big boy!)
 Daisy and I.
We were sad to leave, but Olivia's birthday was coming up and we had to get back home!