Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Monday, November 14, 2016

35 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love Christ and want to put him first above everything else in life.
  2. I am left-handed.
  3. I looove to organize, but not during the day.
  4. I am short, only 4'10.
  5. I love roller coasters (Busch Gardens is the BEST).
  6. I looove being the oldest of my siblings (I have 8 of them!).
  7. I am allergic to animals with fur (dogs, not so much).
  8. I love Nutella (but I suppose everybody does).
  9. I hate going outside (except to take pictures).
  10. I love shopping.
  11. I love to play piano.
  12. I want to play violin.
  13. I love hymns and classical music.
  14. I love remodeling things
  15. I love home decorating.
  16. I love to camp (not in a tent, but in a camper).
  17. I have never broken a bone.
  18. I have never gotten stitches.
  19. I love painting my nails, except I peel them off without thinking.
  20. I love love love spray paint!
  21. I don't like sewing as much as I used to.
  22. I usually hate being in front of a camera.
  23. I share a bedroom with four of my sisters (it's fun, but it can get pretty chaotic).
  24. I love office supplies (who doesn't!).
  25. I love to read (I read until midnight!).
  26. I think my youngest sibling is the cutest baby in the world.
  27. I love autumn (pumpkin desserts, gorgeous red leaves, cool weather).
  28. I keep changing my 2nd favorite color (first it was pink, then yellow, then teal, now it's grayish-blue).
  29. I love the color white.
  30. I never have to do laundry (it's Rebecca's job, mine is the dishes).
  31. I hate writing essays, even though I love blogging.
  32. I am addicted to calendars.
  33. I love Pinterest.
  34. I love candles.
  35. I love pretty binders.
  36. I have the BEST parents ever!
These are a few of my favorite things :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016