Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Church Picnic

We had a church picnic last Saturday. It was a lot of fun. My group (girls 12+) played kickball, soccer, dodgeball, and water balloon toss! Christian and Nicholas were with the 7-11 year old boys, Rebecca was with the 7-11 year old girls, Rachael and Selah were with the 3-6 year old girls, and John-Louis was with the 3-6 year old boys. At 5:30, we ate dinner. It was delicious!
Annabelle in the yellow shirt, Savana (I think) in the red shirt, Chloe in the overalls, Selah in the dark pink shirt, Kelli in the light denim jumper, Glori in the dark denim jumper, and Rachael in the light pink shirt.
Daddy feeding Genesis and Selah smiling at him.
Fellowship Hall
Mommy (in the chevron dress)
Genesis and Olivia
Me making the cake.
If you want to know about our church, visit www.faithbaptisttabernacle.com.

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