Friday, October 23, 2015

Traveling with a Large family

"Lets hit the road!"

                                      -Nicholas Seidel

We enjoy going to our grandparents house in South FL. We usually take the 5 hour drive every 1-2 
months. In fact, we went there last Friday! And it was my dad's 46th birthday was last Friday!
I've decided to make a post about traveling with a large family.
This is what we do so my dad doesn't have to take any days off work. On Friday, we will pack the car. For clothes, everybody has an eBag with two pairs of clothes in it.
We would eat dinner in the car, so Rebecca and I would pack some paper bag lunches and a few treats. Everybody also has a water bottle or a sippy cup.
This is our 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter.
John-Louis with his big smile.
Rebecca and Rachael.
Cool Nico.
Excited Snow. How does he know where we're going? (I'm serious.)
Genesis, not wanting to smile for the camera.
Olivia, too interested in looking out the window than to look at me.
Selah and I.
Here we are, all ready to go.
A road trip video. Please watch!
We were so excited when we got there. 
My grandparents had just moved into a new house, and we were anxious to explore it. We also sang "Happy Birthday" to my dad and he opened presents. I took some great pictures while we were there.
This their dog, Prince.
They had beautiful swans around their lake!
Here, we are walking to the community pool with some friends.
Selah, holding her towel and walking like a "big girl."
Friends pushing Genny in her stroller.
Johnny and Rachael.
Genny was able to climb up the slide almost all the way!
You know when you move, you get rid of a bunch of stuff? That was the case with my grandma. Well, instead of giving rid of it, she gave us some things, including a sewing machine for Rachael and a guitar for Rebecca!
We would leave Sunday, but not before we sometimes visit our old church, Christ Community Church.

And that's how we travel with a large family. (applause and close curtain)

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