Monday, September 28, 2015

Make-It-Up Cheese Sauce

So, what do I mean by "make it up?" It means what it means! It's cheese sauce that you add whatever ingredients you have! I'll give you some tips and pics, so let's get started!

So, what I do is add all kinds of dairy products, mostly cheese, and mix and melt everything on a pan.
I add things like cheese, milk, heavy cream, butter and flour (even though that is not a dairy product, it is used to help make it thick. One Tbls. is good).
As you can see, the cheese is melting and making a sauce.
The white is heavy cream. I decided to make letters as I poured it in.
Letter H
Can you find MTS (my initials)?
Top it on your favorite pasta, and you are done! The best part is that the sauce tastes different every time!

Did your cheese sauce turn out well?

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