Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Sweet Bundle of Joy

She's here! Olivia Teixeira Seidel, born at home. 7lbs, 12oz. 20" 11:12pm. Aug. 26, 2015.

Sorry this post is a little late. I want to welcome to you our newest addition to our family!

I have an amazing story to tell about her birth.

We were going to do a hospital birth and not a home birth because of insurance reasons. The hospital won't let anybody under twelve in, so 9-year-old Rebecca couldn't be at the birth. My parents were preparing her for the disappointment, but Rebecca kept insisting that God could make a way. Well, on Monday, our midwife from Stuart emailed us and said that she would be in town on Wednesday. If my mom hadn't delivered by then, she could come and naturally induce her. My mom was already overdue, so we didn't know if my mom would make it until Wednesday. Well, she did! And we did a home birth! Oh, the faith of a child. I made a list of what happened at what time:

7:26-midwives arrive
7:39-midwife checks for dilation and she is 5cm.
8:10-started IV
8:17-took cohosh
8:38-started having contractions
8:57-made bed
9:19-active labor, contractions 2 min. apart
9:28-filling the tub
9:31-got in tub
11:07-midwife broke water
11:12-Olivia born

Note that all this was PM.

You can read Rebecca tell the story herself HERE.

I would love to hear a God providing story in the comments!

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