Saturday, August 27, 2016

Olivia's 1st Birthday

How can Livie be one already? It seems like yesterday when she was born.
 Even though we don't usually invite friends over for birthdays, I still like to decorate :-)
 These are her monthly pictures.
 Rebecca won this game :-) Want to guess in the comments?
 These are made from baby food jars, yarn, buttons, and sand.
 This is my favorite decoration!
 I painted these pink and added bows.
 Brigadeiro Cake!
 I rolled the leftover brigadeiro into balls and I also made some without chocolate.
 I had this for awhile, so I looked at it sitting in my sewing room and thought, "It has buttons! Perfect!"
 Her smash cake.

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annAMaria Stringer said...

Wow!! I love how you go all out which makes it look so preofessional!!! Happy Birthday, Olivia!!!

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