Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rachael's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday my adorable spunky little sister, Rachael!


I CAN NOT believe that you are already six!!! SIX! (Oh, and did I mention she's SIX?)
She had a cake recipe that I made up. I was expecting it to be more creamy, but I guess I didn't add enough ice cream.

Bake a strawberry cake mix and crumble up after cooled.
Put it in a  mixer and add some ice cream. Oh, and did you know that Blue Bell is back? I love that stuff.
 I ended up adding a little more than shown in the picture, but I thought it still needed some more ice cream.
 Mix it all up, until it ends up in this delicious "batter."
 Spread it in an 8x8 pan.
 Add some whipped cream.
 And sprinkles.
 After I added the candle, I thought that there was something missing.
 Much better :-)
 And the finished product!
 Deliciously good.

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