Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Make a Background Computer Organizer with PicMonkey

 First, you need to go to It's free unless you want all the features, even though the free version has a lot of features. Put your cursor over "design" and click custom.
 Find out what your screen resolution is and write it down in the two white boxes and click "Make It!"
 Your screen should then look like this.
 Choose the main color you want. I chose coral.
 Click the butterfly and go to "Geometric." Click on the shape you want.
Choose the color of the shape. I just went with white and faded it 40%.
Resize it.
Add more shapes. You can use different sizes or use the same size. To make more the same size, right click on the shape and click "duplicate overlay."
Go to "banners" and choose which  banner you want. I like the style below because it looks like tape. Resize and choose the color. I did a lovely violet. Add some text to the top if you want.
Don't add text to the labels just yet! You need to save it first. To do that, click save. Choose how you want to save it (jpg. or png.) and name the file. Click "Save to my Computer."
Close the window and go back to Open up your background without text on the labels by putting your cursor over "design," then click "square." Click "open" and choose your file. Add your text to the labels and save it.
Now just set it as your background!


annAMaria Stringer said...

I like it!!! Such a super awesome idea!!! ☺

Dawnie Jens said...

Thank you for this awesome tutorial - "pic monkey" is such an amazing freebie and user friendly - from your "first cousin once removed" aka your dad's first cousin dawn marie

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