Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Overview of 2015

I can't believe it's 2016! Life seems to go by so fast! Here is an overview of 2015.

January: Rachael turned 5, I started my Etsy shop.

February: Celebrated Valentine's Day at our grandparents house.

March: Christian turned 11, Nicholas turned 8.

April: Vovó turned 58, I started this blog.

May: John-Louis turned 4, we took a trip to Salt Springs.

June: Selah turned 3.

July: Genesis turned 1, Vovô turned 65 (on Independence Day).

August: Olivia was born on the 26th.

September: Filmed for the show, Programa da Sabrina.

October: Daddy turned 46, Grandma turned 82.

November: Mommy turned 35, Tia Mi turned 33.

December: Rebecca turned 10, I turned 13, we had a wonderful Christmas, 7 older ones sang Isaiah 58 at church.

Wow! It's been a busy year! Birthdays, Olivia was born, and trips!

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun, busy year for sure......We are so fortunate to have such a big loving family.
I Love you all SO MUCH.

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