Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

I want to say Merry Christmas to everybody! Our family had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Anyway it is CHRISTmas.
Rachael playing the piano.
My grandma (Vov√≥) making brigadeiro.
My Aunt (Tia Mi) holding Olivia.
Genesis opening her shopping basket and food.
Christian and his new Neymar Jr. shirt from Tia Mi.
Genesis opening her shopping cart from my grandparents. Funny thing is, that my mom and dad also gave her the same thing!
Off she goes!
Rachael and some little dolls.
John-Louis and his remote control motorcycle.
Jumbo blocks for all the littles. Notice the blocks in the background they got last year. These are so awesome, we got more!
Selah opening the yarn doll I gave her.
Sorry for blurry pic. Genesis with her fabric block from me.
Tia Mi's candle from me.
Rachael drew a picture for mommy.
I gave my grandparents a picture of their dog, Prince.
Rachael and the calendar I gave her.
Mommy opening my present.
Genesis and her new doll. By now, she knows what a present is and gets excited when we hand her one.
Mommy and her chalkboard from Rebecca.
Grandma and her picture book from Rebecca.
The four older ones each got a laptop for Christmas (I am writing on mine now!).


What is your favorite Christmas gift? Mine is that Jesus came into the world to save us. My favorite gift from my friends and family, is the laptop.

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Dawnie Jens said...

"Our family had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Anyway it is CHRISTmas." - this is very heartwarming - The best blog description of Christmas I have read - your generation is the future and let us hope and pray there are many more that share your sentiment - your cousin, david, my son certainly does as well. Jesus is the reason for the season - xxoo cousin dawn marie

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