Sunday, August 2, 2015

Olivia's Baby Shower

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my mom and another lady from our church. (Check out their website:

This is usually what we do at any of our church's baby showers:

After everybody is seated, (Moms of honor sit in front of everybody on a rocking chair, with her daughters next to her.) we sing a hymn that the mother of honor chooses. Then one of the ladies from our church comes up front and gives a short message. After that, the daughters bring their mother presents from the present table while the mother opens them. One of the ladies or daughters (that's me!) writes down who gave what to write thank you cards later. After all the presents are opened,we fellowship and eat cake.

And here's the pictures!
Rachael and Genesis.
Me and Selah.
Mama driving with my grandma next to her.
Mama looking at a card,
with Selah excited about the bow she wants.
Mama looking at swaddle blankets.
The cake by Mrs.E
Mama, Mrs.F, Me, Rebecca, Rachael, Selah, Genesis,
Olivia(our baby), and Frank (Mrs.F's baby)
I wish I had more pictures, but that's all!

Does your church do baby showers? What was the theme of your last baby shower?

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